Laura (lauraelizabeth9) wrote in potter_rumble,

Round 01 | Challenge 05 Results

Thanks to everyone who participated! Don't forget to enter Challenge 06, which closes Monday, August 15!


first place lauraelizabeth9 
second place ginny_lv_harry 
third place jenmixelle 

ginny_lv_harry , jenmixelle , and lauraelizabeth9  each earn 1 point for submitting an icon.

lauraelizabeth9  earns 5 points for winning first place
ginny_lv_harry  earns 4 points for winning second place
jenmixelle  earns 3 points for winning third place
you can see the updated scoresheet here and all entries have been unscreened.

Tags: *results, round 01 ch 05
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